Permanent eyeliner brightens your eyes and gives you that wide-awake look throughout the day. You won’t have to worry about smudging when you sweat at the gym, swim at the pool or go to the beach. If you have allergies to regular makeup, permanent eyeliner is your best option for no more watery and itchy eyes. Choose from thin, medium, thick or add a design. Anything is possible! Wake up ready to go!

What Are the Benefits of Permanent Eyeliner?

The majority of women complain that it takes so much time to get it right and to apply evenly day in and day out just to see their work smudge or melt away minutes into their day. Permanent eyeliner helps address that. Also, active people who want to look their best when swimming, hiking, biking, playing tennis, or working out have a great benefit of not sweating it off or having to reapply,” says Bossavy. “In general, saving time, energy, and money over time is a great benefit of tattooed eyeliner. Clients go from ‘wake up to make up’ and start their day with natural-looking, fresh faces much more effortlessly.” Some other benefits include not having to deal with “running” makeup if you live somewhere hot or humid. Also, permanent eyeliner can be a mega game-changer for people who can’t wear regular makeup due to sensitivities and allergies, and for those who have vision issues or dexterity conditions such as arthritis and Parkinson’s.

Anticipated Costs

  • Eye liner – $400 (Procedure time is 1-2 hours)
  • 4-6 week touchup – $175
  • 6-9 month touchup – $175
  • 10-18 month touchup – $200

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