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Paramedical Tattooing Restores Breast Cancer Survivors’ Sense of Self


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Thanks to MJ Artistry, Conventional Makeup Need Not Be Applied


Artist Achievements - MJ Artistry

LET’S FACE IT: Michelle Johnson builds her reputation on building her clients’ confidence. (Photos courtesy MJ Artistry)

Tired of applying eyeliner? Longing for fuller-looking lips? Want brows that “pop”?

MJ Artistry, in the Mill Creek Commons Plaza in Manahawkin, is one of the very few permanent cosmetics studios in Southern Ocean County. Owner Michelle Johnson opened the studio in June; a grand opening celebration is planned for Saturday, Aug. 23, at 5 p.m.

MJ Artistry’s services are designed specifically to meet the needs and desires of each client. Johnson offers permanent cosmetics for eyeliner, lip blushing and eyebrows; restoration of facial blemishes and freckles; scalp micropigmentation; and scar camouflaging.

All services are performed with a device similar to a tattoo gun, she said, and the tattoo is referred to as “semi-permanent,” meaning touch-ups are required. The first touch-up takes place four to six weeks following the first appointment, after which annual touch-ups are recommended. The longevity of the results varies from person to person; much depends on lifestyle, skin type, health conditions and sun exposure.

Permanent eyeliner, Johnson explained, is a solution for people who don’t want to deal with smudges or runny makeup after a day in the pool or a hike in the humidity – and for those who may experience allergies or sensitivities to makeup, issues with vision, or impaired fine motor skills.

Lip blushing, she continued, improves both the shape and color of lips by adding definition and the illusion of fullness. Once the lips are healed, the treatment makes them look natural, and the results are longer lasting than most of the other procedures.

According to Johnson, by far the most sought-after service is eyebrow pigmentation, which can be done on clients who have little to no eyebrow hair left. The goal of the procedure is to make the brows look as natural as possible, by using a powder similar to commonly used eyebrow makeup. Given the proper care and attention, powder brows can last two to five years.

Unlike the goal for eyebrows, Johnson explained, the goal of scalp micropigmentation is not to mimic the look of actual hairs, but rather to mimic the natural shadow on a scalp by using petite, overlapping dots that are all different shades of black. The practitioners at MJ Artistry choose the perfect hues for the dots so they blend with the client’s skin tone. Scalp micropigmentation is most gratifying for clients with hair loss from chemotherapy, alopecia, thinning hair or male/female pattern baldness.

Above all, Johnson is in the business of uplifting her clients’ confidence. For more detailed information on the services offered by MJ Artistry, visit its website, To stay up to date on special events, the newest styles and satisfying before and after photos, check out the MJ Artistry Facebook page or @mjartistrypmu on Instagram.  —E.M.