Nano Brow

Nano Brow

    Nano Brows is a technique that uses a machine to create hair strokes. This is a great option for those who have very oily skin but still desire the look of “hairstrokes”. 

   The difference between nano brows and microblading is that nano needling uses a tiny needle with the aid of a vibrating machine to deposit pigment under the skin surface where as traditional microblading uses a fine blade making slits in the skin by hand to create the illusion of hair strokes. 


This technique is great for very oily skin.


Anticipated Costs:

Nano Brows: $550 (2 hour procedure time)

*Touch up is not included.

Touch up pricing is as follows:

4-6 week: $175 (2 hour procedure time)

6-10 month: $175

12-18 month: $250

                                *Rates subject to change at anytime.