Lip Blushing

Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is a form of semi-permanent makeup. Essentially, it is a cosmetic tattoo of the lips that enhances the beauty of the natural lip color, improving the shape of the lips, giving definition and the illusion of fullness. This treatment delivers very natural results, once healed. Filler is great for creating volume in your lips, but lip blush delivers a more natural look and give the illusion of fuller lips.

How does lip blushing work?

A tiny mechanized needle deposits pigment into the lips, which builds layers of color. For some, it can be a corrective service to help even out the tone of the lips, but it can also help with asymmetry.   Unlike traditional permanent cosmetic tattoos, lip blushing is an evolved service that’s meant to provide natural looking, long-lasting results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it painful?  For most, there is minimal pain.  However, we do recommend that clients avoid ibuprofen, fish oil, and vitamin E the day before to reduce the possibility of bruising and bleeding.
  • What do I do after the procedure?  We recommend all of our clients have their favorite stick of lip balm handy to prevent dryness for a few days after the procedure.

Anticipated Costs

  • Lip blush – $450 (Procedure time is 2-3 hours)
  • 4-6 week touch up – $175
  • 6-11 month touchup – $175
  • 12-18 month – $225

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