3D Areola

3D Areola

What is 3D Areola Tattooing?

An areola tattoo is a cosmetic procedure that is done on the area of the breast or chest where the areola is found. The idea of tattooing areola is that it alters the appearance of the nipple in some way, be it adding one or changing the shape. Areola tattoos are done in the same way as our other tattooing procedures — by depositing ink under the skin to create a semi-permanent image. Although, areola tend to be particularly detailed in regards to blending and feathering, to ensure an extremely natural look.

3D Areola - MJ Artistry

Anticipated cost:

3D Areola:  (2 hour procedure time)

  • Unilateral: $400
  • Bilateral: $800

*This price does not include touch up

Touch up pricing is as follows:

4-6 week: $325 (2 hour procedure time)

                               *Rates subject to change at anytime.